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Our Team

President - Adam Falchook


Founder of UmbrellasForLess.com, Adam operates key online retail sites while building an image throughout the United States.  Adam grew up in Brooklyn, New York, spending most of his life investing and managing businesses in the home furnishings industry. In 2005, he decided to switch gears and take his business driven ideas to the Internet.  Selling Formalwear and accessories on-line was just the start of his E-commerce prosperity. Today his companies sell across product lines, including but not limited to Umbrellas, Licensed Sports Products, Casualwear and Formal Apparel.  His company also specializes in working with brands to carry exclusive products developed by M.S. Apparel (Parent Company). The development of an incredible work environment in conjunction with wonderful employee relationships has contributed to the vast success of his business!


 CFO - David Reiss



David is a Graduate of the Wharton School of Business, earning his Masters in Finance. David has held many positions on Wall Street before founding Brookville Capital Management, which was acquired by Morgan Stanley in December 2006. Longtime friends David and Adam founded “David Adams Apparel” in 2014, developing their first line of umbrellas under the name Black Aspen. David as been instrumental in handling the financial aspects of the business. In his spare time, David runs triathlons and has recently mastered the art of Chi Running.



Manager - Cara Fields



Cara is pursuing her degree in English and Education at Queens College, City University of New York. As Chief Administrator, Cara manages daily tasks ensuring progress and success in the office. Additionally, she is the company’s Office Director and Head Buyer. In Cara’s spare time, she enjoys road trips and concerts.  Fun Fact: Cara loves to keep her Red Jetta Clean.




IT Director - Bryan Applebaum



Bryan has been developing Retail Websites while attending Binghamton University (full time) studying computer and electrical engineering. He works with team members to keep MS Apparel’s various websites shopper friendly so our loyal customers have the best possible shopping experience. He is the guy behind the scenes testing and updating our systems on a daily basis. Bryan resides in Merrick, Long Island.  Besides studying and working he is an accomplished baker. His number one Dessert: Apple Pie.  



 Graphic Designer - Jamie Zweigbaum


Jamie is a graduate of Queens College, City University of New York, where she majored in Graphic Design and received her Bachelor of Science in 2015. Buyer and Graphic Designer at MS Apparel, Jamie creates graphics and images of merchandise for on-line vendor selling while tracking inventory and preparing requisitions for additional supply. Jamie is proficient in Photoshop and Microsoft Programs. Her hobbies include decorating cakes and pastries, as well as photographing still life. She also loves Gustbuster Umbrellas and drinking Coca-Cola.